“My drive is to achieve greater student success, in part, by working with our community to become much more engaged in education!”
– Bruce Whitaker, AMDSB School Trustee Candidate.


  • Leader, Stratford skatepark.
  • Leader, Stratford inner-city basketball courts.
  • Past chair, parent council, Stratford Central Secondary School.
  • Creator, boys’ arts program, Gallery Stratford.
  • Founder, rain gardens being built this September with the support of youth.
  • Founder, Power Youth  in Toronto addressing inner-city youth issues.
  • Basketball coach, Parkdale neighbourhood of Toronto.
  • Rotary Club’s Paul Harris Award for youth engagement.
  • 12 years living in Stratford.
  • 3 fabulous sons, one fabulous partner.
  • MBA, York University.
  • Past board director, Stratford Perth YMCA.
  • Past board director, Local Community Food Centre.
  • Past board director, Stratford Library.
  • Owner, Edison’s & Perth County Inns.
  • Executive Team, ResponseTek Networks, now ZephrTel.
  • Senior Consultant, Performance Improvement, Ernst & Young.
  • Managing Director, International Banking, TD Bank.
  • Promote mental health training and support for teachers, staff and students.
  • Recognize and celebrate strong teacher and staff performance.
  • Actively share job and career opportunities among organizations, businesses and students
  • Encourage classroom support for students on all spectrums.
  • Ensure technological equality.
  • Achieve a safe and vibrant school environment for all participants.
  • Promote student art in schools and in the the wider community.

What's important to me

Mental & physical health. 

It is essential that teachers and staff be empowered to respond to the needs of students. Training is key.

Career & job opportunities. 

Awareness of the many working opportunities in our community is critical to making astute decisions. 

Technology equality.

All students should be at the same level when it comes to technology. 

Teacher and staff recognition. 

Strong performance should be acknowledged and celebrated through nominations in our community

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